About the AAF

We exist as the peak body to protect and advance the rights and interests of franchisees and the health of their franchise.

We empower franchisees in their dealings with franchisors and legislators by providing a unified voice for franchisees beyond their respective brand consultation process.

The AAF and it's members advocate fair policy, reasonable regulation and equitable relationships to ensure the sustainability of franchising in Australia.

Our objectives

  • To advance the legal, financial and commercial interests of AAF members in Australia

  • To protect and advance the interests of AAF members in dealings with their franchisor, government bodies and other parties

  • To empower AAF Members and enhance their economic strength and bargaining power as the peak body representing their interests

  • To promote collaborative decision making models between franchisors and franchisees.

  • To represent AAF Members in exerting collective influence in matters of mutual concern

  • To educate AAF Members through the dissemination of pertinent information.

  • To advocate for beneficial legislative and regulatory developments affecting the franchising industry.

  • To promote best business practices amongst AAF Members

  • To provide relevant services to AAF Members

  • The AAF will act in the best interest of all its members

our history

Who would have known, back in 1997, that a few phone calls between collegues would be the foundation of the AAF today? 

Twenty years on, the Australian Association of Franchisees (AAF) Inc. has become the representative body for franchisees of all brands and industries throughout Australia.

four guys and a pizza brand

It was the 90's, and Pizza Hut in Australia was exploring a new era of home delivery. Enter four franchisees. Back then, there was only a handful of franchisees in partnership with the brand. Pizza Hut was in over drive and stores were more profitable than ever before. Especially franchised outlets where these personally vested enterpreneurs had huge visions for their businesses. Things were good. Really good.

Adolescence kicked in for Pizza Hut as a franchisor, finding its feet in the Australian market where franchising was relatively young and innocent. Franchisees were more hands on in their businesses than those in the United States were and the franchisees from down under seemed to have an unprecedented show of passion as underdogs.

Realising the effects of some decisions being made by their franchisor, individual requests from each franchisee in regards to their outlets seemingly fell on deaf ears. Phone calls and discussions followed between these four young businessmen and it became apparent that they were, in fact, all facing the same issues. Seeking the same outcomes, this prompted them to share resources and work together to communicate their concerns with a unified voice.

Pizza Hut back in the 90's
Pizza Hut in Minto NSW circa 1990

Pizza Association

Naturally, they were united in their cause and they sought various resolutions from their franchisor as a group, as small as it was. They negotiated favorable outcomes on their issues and soon realised the value of collective bargaining in a somewhat David & Goliath relationship.  Subsequently, in 1997 after yet another successful campaign of negotiations, these four young pioneers of the pizza industry each drew a cheque to form what was then known as the National Pizza Association or NPA.

As Pizza Hut moved towards to a 100% franchised system in the region (referred to as Project blast), the NPA changed it's name in 2009 to the Australasian Pizza Association (APA) and opened it's doors to Pizza Hut franchisees in New Zealand.

The AAF story begins

After almost two decades as the peak representative body for Pizza Hut franchisees, and as a result of numerous franchisee requests from other brands, the APA made the decision to open yet another door to include franchisees from all industries. Franchisees from around the country were looking for a truly independent representative body to assist in commercial and contractual dealings with franchisors. It goes without saying, referencing pizza in the name would no longer be suitable.

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